Business Hours

Bank Hours
0800-1400 hours Monday through Friday

Office Hours
0800-1400 hours Monday through Friday

Shop Hours
0900-1300 and 1600-2000 hours Monday through Friday
0900-1400 hours Saturday

Many shops, especially in tourist areas will not close midday. Department stores normally open from 1000 hours until 2000 hours all week except on a Sunday.


The Spanish currency is the Euro divided into 100 centimos.


A service charge is not normally added to bills in most restaurants therefore tipping is voluntary and based on the quality of service but normally anything between 5% and 10% is acceptable. In bars or taxis a small amount of ‘loose change’ is quite adequate as a tip.


There are no special vaccination requirements for the Canary Islands. Drink only bottled or boiled water.

Gran Canaria boasts excellent medical facilities including clinics and hospitals. Should you require to see a doctor please ask in Villas Blancas reception.


The wind, the Gulf Stream, the relief and the geographical latitude determine the climate of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria enjoys worldwide fame, gained because of its mild climate, one of the best in the whole world. The average temperatures oscillate in the summer months between 26ºC and 28ºC (79ºF-82ºF), often exceeding 30ºC (86ºF), and in the winter months maintain beautifully warm temperatures between 22ºC and 24ºC, which makes it an ideal winter sun holiday destination.

Gran Canaria is a mountainous island where the trade winds prevail all year. This island deserves the name of continent in miniature as it holds a wide variety of microclimates extending from the sub-tropical to the continental climates.

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